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Walther PDP F-Series 3.5″ 9mm Pistol



Buy Walther PDP F-Series 3.5″ 9mm Pistol Online | Walther PDP F-Series 3.5″ 9mm Pistol For Sale


The PDP F-Series is specifically designed for female shooters. The F-Series features enhanced ergonomics, reduced trigger reach, reduced grip circumference and reduced force to manipulate the slide.

The Walther PDP was developed to maximize readiness during duty or defense scenarios. The PDP offers excellent ergonomics with a brand new Performance Duty Trigger with a shorter length of travel with a tactile definitive break.  The addition of the SuperTerrain serrations on the slide improve manipulation for positive grip. The PDP grip texture provides ample grip while being non-abrasive against skin of clothing. All PDP models come optics ready via an adapter plate for your dedicated optic. These advantages make the PDP a versatile pistol in any condition.

The PDP F-Series 3.5″ features a  sub-compact top-end with compact grip frame.

PDP F-Series Features
Reduced Circumference Grip Designed from the ground up to fit the contour of a woman’s hand, the F-Series grip is smaller where it needs to be giving the shooter maximum control and faster follow-up shots.
Reduced Trigger Reach Introducing the F-Series Reduced Trigger Reach, achieving superb trigger control has never been easier. The F-Series trigger has been moved to a location where any hand can find the perfect trigger finger placement. Proper trigger finger placement is a key to accurate shooting and trigger control. You will feel the difference the moment you pick it up.
Reduced Slide Force Walther has developed a brand new operating system that results in an unprecedented 20% reduction in slide Racking Force. Utilizing a two-piece striker, all shooters will be able to experience the performance of the PDP with an intuitive slide rack that is as natural as it is durable. The Reduced Slide Force is the next step in exceeding expectations for shooters who know what it takes to stay Ready.


Caliber 9mm Luger
Capacity *15-Rounds, PPQ M2 Magazine(2)
Barrel Length 3.5″
Overall Length 6.5″
Height 5.4″
Width 1.34″
Weight(empty) 23.3oz
Slide Steel
Frame Polymer
Trigger PDT-F
Trigger Reach 2.56″
Trigger Pull 5.6 lbs
Trigger Travel 0.24″
Safeties 3-Auto
Sights Standard, Optics Ready(optic plate required)
California Compliant No

* Magazine(s) are not included for Restricted States.


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