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Maxim Defense PDX SPS 300BLK 5.5″ Pistol FDE



Buy Maxim Defense PDX SPS 300BLK 5.5″ Pistol FDE Online | Maxim Defense PDX SPS 300BLK 5.5″ Pistol FDE For Sale


The Maxim PDX SPS features a new SCW Pistol System in place of the SCW brace or stock. This system is a new streamlined option for reduced snagging and shaves off over 10 ounces compared to the previous generation.

The Maxim PDX was developed from the SOCOM PDW solicitation and was designed to withstand the rigors of the Tier 1 community. With its ultra compact 5.5″ barrel, the PDX dominates at close quarters applications. At only 18.75″ in length it delivers rifle cartridge firepower in a subcompact platform.

The HATEBRAKE muzzle booster allows for improved performance in short barreled applications while reducing recoil, flash signature and sends concussion forward.

Caliber .300 BLK
Capacity *20 Rounds
Operating System Direct Impingement
Barrel Length 5.5″
Muzzle Maxim HATEBRAKE Muzzle Booster
Color FDE(Arid)
Overall Length 18.75″
Weight 5.9 lbs
Trigger ALG ACT
Brace None, SCW Pistol System
Receiver Aluminum
California Compliant No

* Magazine(s) are not included for Restricted States.


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