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Lee Powder Funnel 22 to 45 Caliber



Buy Lee Powder Funnel 22 to 45 Caliber online


The Lee Precision Powder Funnel is made from unbreakable plastic and fits all cases from 22 to 45 caliber. This funnel is the perfect funnel for a reloader that is looking for an economical way to get powder into a cartridge case while minimizing spillage. One of the unique features of the Lee Powder Funnel is that there is a hole in the flange that permits the funnel to be mounted in a Lee Turret Press or screwed down to the edge of a reloading bench or shelf.

Notes: Hole in flange permits mounting to the Lee Turret Press, reloading bench or on a shelf

Made In United States of America

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Product Information

Material Plastic
Minimum Caliber 22 Caliber
Maximum Caliber 45 Caliber
Country of Origin United States of America


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